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Egba People

The Egba (pronounced as eh-gbah) people are the inhabitants of Abeokuta, a city situated in the southwestern region of Nigeria. They are a subgroup of the Yoruba people and sought refuge in what is now known as Egbaland during the onset of the Egba-Dahomey conflict in 1851. 

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Ake (pronounced as Ah-kay) constitutes one of the four subgroups within Egbaland, serving as the residence of the paramount ruler of Egbaland. It plays a pivotal role in shaping our brand's essence. Our brand deeply honors our abundant heritage, historical roots in Ake, and the traditions that profoundly influence our identity. 



Adire (pronounced as Ah-di-reh), a Yoruba term translating to "tie-and-dye," is a traditional Nigerian textile artistry rooted in the craft of creating indigo-dyed fabric through resist dyeing techniques. 

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